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Deflashing Blow Molding Machine

Leshan blow molding machine

Blessed with a formidable infrastructure, our adroit professionals with an aid of our technological advancements leaving no space space of error, bring-forth an astonishing Auto Deflashing Blow Molding Machine.
Empowered with PLC controlled panel, these machines are robust and durable. Easy in operations, this Deflashing Blow Molding Machine is suitable for HDPE,LDPE and PP Materials and can also be used for PVC with suitable modification.
Renowned for its accurate finish, you can avail this qualitative machine at very competitive pricing.
The finished products of the Deflashing Blow Molding Machine will produce unnecessary waste edges at the top and bottom.
In the past, people needed manual to remove these wastes parts, which waste time and operator cost, now, we can automatically process it by auto-deflashing system.
Blow Molding Machine Mould with auto-deflashing part, which can auotmatic cutting the waste part from finished product. The importance of pneumatic system in blow molding system has been paid more and more attention. For example, the Deflashing Blow Molding Machine, which was previously sold in China, is hardly equipped with flare device because of its low labor cost. Handwork can be removed.

Auto deflash (automatic cutting of neck and bottom of the bottle)
best in quality
plc controlled panel
robust and durable
easy operation
with suitable modification, can be used for pvc also
accurate finishing

In case customer needs different weight of product, our Deflashing Blow Molding Machine have device to adjust weight follow customer requirement.
Our rotational machine is the fastest Deflashing Blow Molding Machine to produce LDPE products, because our machines are using 4 molds, 6 molds, 8 molds, 10 molds, 12 molds to produce at the same time. The production capacity of 6 molds machine could reach 3000 pieces per hour. 10 moulds machine could reach 5000 pcs per hour.
10 moulds machine are designed for produce ice lolly tubes and some LDPE products.
We provide different level of price to cater customer demand, we have connected type(extruder and blower), separate type(extruder and blower not connected), full automatic type, semi-automatic type of Deflashing Blow Molding Machine s. We also have devices to de-flashing the waste part of bottle.

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