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Gear Oil Blow Molding Machine

Leshan blow molding machine

Leshan supplies Gear Oil Blow Molding Machine
Leshan company is specialized in producing high-speed, high-efficient multi layer multi cavitites extrusion Blow Molding Machine.
The development of Plastic Blow Molding Machine is for the purpose of producing from 50ml to 30liter the industries scope are Daily chemical, laundry detergent, lubricant, pharmaceutical pesticide, chemical stacking barrels, shaped engineering etc. and it is capable to be configurated with multiple die heads, multi layer especially suitable for massive production bottle with mutli layer such as EVOH, Nylon and up to 6 layers.
This sauce plastic bottle blow moulding machine can provide you with food and beverage packaging bottle Blow Molding Machine. Series Blow Molding Machine can blow moulding: milk bottles, yogurt bottle, juice bottles, edible oil bottle, soy sauce pot, oil pot, motor oil bottle and engine oil bottles etc. series are transmission device. Which are specially designed for single-screw extruder with high precision. Hard gear surface. Acompany with thrust. Adopting the technical specifications stipulated in JB/T905.1-1999, all ZLYJ gearboxes are designed accordingly.
Main feature:
1. The material of gear is the high strength alloy steel, it is manufactured by carburizing, quenching (and other heat treatment), grinding process at last., the gear is in high precision(6 grade)and high hardness (reaches HRC58-62. )Besides, it features low noise when operating.
2. It contains high bearing ability thrust which is performed reliable and can withstand larger axial thrust
3. All the items are treated by force lubrication and cooling system except very few small specification
Blow Molding Machine is generally used for the production of container, oil tank, juice bottle…etc. It use the mold to blow out the required container shape. In transmission section, the gearbox plays the important role for enlarging the power torque.
This is engine oil bottle Blow Molding Machine, A wide variety of materials can be used for the machine, which are suitable for producing 100ml to 5L PE bottle. The clamping system is a high-precision double-station linear guide, extrusion system using a hard gear reducer and inverter. The die head system adopts central-incoming extrusion die made of special steel, imported hydraulic valve and seal parts with proportional control valve. The control system consists of PLC and Human-machine interface imported from Japan, and automatic temperature control module and imported electrical parts.
Blow Molding Machine SRB70D-1 is widely used in engine oil bottle packing field, cooking oil packing field and liquid soap bottle packing field, also used for other round or square bottles. In normal production, the cycle time is about 27 seconds. Its production capacity is 240 pcs/hour, daily output is 5760 bottles. The key technical points lie in precise die and core size, blow pin head diameter and design, also the suitable depth of mould cutting overflow grooves to insure the on-line deflashing result. Besides Blow Molding Machine, we also provide on-line auto deflashing plastic bottle moulds, and auxiliary machines such as auto-loader, color mixer, scraps crusher, water chiller, air compressor, air accumulating tank, leakage tester, in-mold labeling machine and so on. We help customers to get one stop service of manufacturing, exporting and technical supports.

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