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Chinese Blow Molding Machine

Leshan blow molding machine

Leshan is one of the biggest production bases of Chinese blow molding machine in the world. The company is majoring in the field of designing, manufacturing and selling all types of Chinese blow molding machine which are suitable for manufacturing 0.01-5000L hollow plastic products such as plastic bottles, pots, barrels, boxes, bags, toys, plastic trays, super-big plastic barrels etc. 1000L hollow blow molding machine, which is the largest in Asia, was born right here.
MG-E2500 is an economic two stage automatic stretch blow molding machine, which is many designed for the PET and PP stretch blow bottles. The MG-E consumes less power due to optimized machine layouts and patented perform heating system, so the end of user can achieve maximum profit in today's competitive bottle moulding market.
blow molding machine can produce the following types of PP, PE bottles, buckets, pots, the machine output, low noise, energy saving, advanced computer configuration, exports more than 20 countries.
Leshan supply all kinds of blow molding machines from 50T to 3000T, including color chips making machine, energy saving injection molding machine, gears making machine, dual clear color injection molding machine, bakelite injection molding machine, PET preform injection molding machine, Fixed pump and variable pump injection molding machine, PVC fitting injection molding machine, screw barrel for blow molding machine etc.

Clamping Unit:
1.) Optimized Platen Design with high rigidity and enlarged space between tie bars
2.) Euromap-based Platen Layout with both T-slot & tap holes, locating design in moving platen to better suit various molds
3.) New ejection system design with longer ejection stroke, bigger space and better rigidity
4.) Hydraulic drivien gear-type mold height adjustion mechanism
5.) Relocation of mechanical safety interlock for easier operation
6.) linkage structure for front connecting rod increases connecting rod's strength greatly, as well as the whole clamping unit's rigidity & accuracy.

blow molding machine is used to produce all kinds of the hollow plastic containers for foods, toys, beverages, medicines, chemical products, pesticides, detergents, etc with material of PE,PP,PVC from 10ml to 2000L,such as water bottles, milk bottles, medical bottles, oil bottles, plastic balls, cosmetic bottles, lubricant bottles, plastic containers.

blow molding machine is one specialty blows makes PET to model the bottle two step completely automatic to blow the bottle equipment, may blow system 2L mo blow molding machine st greatly, is suitable in blows the system carbonic acid beverage bottle, the mineral spring thermos, the agricultural medicine bottle, the cosmetics bottle and so on.

This blow molding machine is used for making parts through blow molding process including bottles and containers. These parts can be made in different shapes and sizes according to diverse requirements. In addition to this, blow molding machine is well tested prior to its final dispatch to ensure its flawlessness. Besides, they are highly appreciated for its great strength, high functionality and smooth operation.

Leshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machine

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