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Linear Blow Molding Machine

Leshan blow molding machine

Linear blow molding machine is used for normal PET bottle and heat-resistant PET bottle. It with reasonable structure, small occupation, low power and gas consumption and high efficiency. It complies with the national food hygienic standards. It is a good choice for small and medium capacity beverage production line.
Linear blow molding machine has a compact layout and a small overall size. The preform linear unscrambler and the gravity feeding are nested inside the machine cabin. The traditional preform feed hopper is a separate component which may be installed either next to the cabin, on three possible sides, or in a remote position. Leshan´s goal in the development of this new range of linear blow moulding machines was to create a simple and extremely versatile technology which is able to provide the customer with the highest performance compared to the linear blow moulding machines available on the market while maintaining an excellent container quality. Linear blow molding machine have been designed for extremely easy use and enable very simple mould and configuration changes. They are reliable systems with reduced maintenance time and costs. We are engaged as a leading manufacturer and exporter of Linear blow molding machine. These machines use combination of pneumatic and hydraulic versions for a better quality output.

Technical features:
The Linear blow molding machine is operated by touch screen. It showed English and Chinese language, production capacity, shift output account, fault notice and etc. Otherwise, it with the functional of count fault time, fault reason to meet human computer conversation.
Specially designed second blowing system ensures the quality of the bottle.
The heat exchanger is of 7-section infrared temperature adjusting control, digital automatic temperature adjusting and voltage regulation system.
The heating temperature could be set according to customer’s performs. Otherwise, the machine contains software pack for all types of bottles.
It is equipped with full automatic preform unscramble and preform elevator.

The standard Linear blow molding machine platform provides great production flexibility in term of different types of containers to be produced with the aid of special kits. Bottles for mineral water, soft drinks, fruit juices and functional drinks, beer, edible oil, spirits, dressings, souaces, cosmetics and detergents and pharmaceuticals.

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