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Tie bar Blow Molding Machine

Leshan blow molding machine

Leshan manufacture Tie bar Blow Molding Machine
As one of the most important parts of an injection or blow molding machine the tie bars are often paid little attention to until you need a replacement. Few suppliers have the ability to answer the call when it is time to address issues with this critical piece of Blow Molding Machine. As a leading tie bar replacement manufactuer, Glycon has the experience and expertise to supply all your requirements when it comes time to replace these vital injection molding components.

Leshan has a history manufacturing and supplying a wide range of tie bar sizes for a variety of original equipment manufacturer's Tie bar Blow Molding Machine. We will work with you to tailor the material, treatment, and technical specifications to your specific needs..
Features & Advantages

Blow Molding Machine MAIN FEATURES
● Traffic barrier Blow Molding Machine, is accumulating EBM machine.
● Max product volume is 350L, used for plastic traffic barrier, road block, water container.
● Its output for 1.4m traffic barrier is 20 Pcs/hour, daily production capacity is 480 barriers.
● High-hardness alloy coating screw driven by SIEMENS motor for plasticizing capacity 380KG.
● Diagonal tie bar central clamping structure, driven by worm motor for easy changing mould.
Rigid C-frame Tie-bar less design, suitable for over molding or insert molding process and multi-purpose injection molding process.
Tie bar Blow Molding Machine frame design, easily to remove finished products and place inserts Humanistic machine frame height design for comfortable and safe operation
Tie bar Blow Molding Machine ,injection machinery guide rod, injection molding machinery spare parts
1.high response
2.30~50% electricity saved
.Double stations and linear movement, high intensity stainless steel mould platens, driven by hydraulic pressure, designed and analyzed by finite element aided software, ensure big clamping force, no expansion of mold.
.Specially designed screw with high L/D ratio insures good plasticizing and stable extrusion; high precision and no part line die head guarantees customers’ top-quality requirement.

Leshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machine

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