Engine Oil Jerry Can Blow Molding Machine


Brand name: Leshan
Model: 75-55U2X4.10F
Category: Double layers 4 heads Blow molding machine
Material: PE, PP, 
Suitable for: barrels, hollow plate, container, Jerry can, milk bottle, juice can,toy ball, etc.
Production capacity: 90kg/h+2kg/h 
Output: 2L engine oil can, 100g, 23000pcs/day
No. Of station: 2
No. Of die head: 4
Extruder diameter: 75mm +55mm 
Max clamping distance of mould: 580mm
Min clamping distance of mould: 230mm
Parison control system: Yes
After-sales service: One year
Processing customized: Yes

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1. Toggle-balanced clamping frame, with well known liner guide rail from TaiWan; great clamping force and explosion-proof;
2. Can be achieved 16 blow pins at the same time perpendicular to the mold pin blow hole;patented die head, easy for changing color. Symmetrical
3. Computer intelligent control system, operation, set and modify the production process conveniently
4. Deep mirror treatment is used inside the die head, curve flow channels are smooth, no dead ends, no carbon left;
5. Strengthened  and hardened cold treated screws, screw and barrel are with wear resistance;
    parts of tube wall thickness are very uniform.
6. Various components are produced with Japan's CNC machine tools, use  Mazak to process six-sided installation surfaces at the same time. Imported well-known brands Hydraulic,pneumatic and electrical parts are equipped to ensure that the rigorous process, stable and reliable quality. 

General features
1. The maximum blow volume is 4L, PE, PP, EVA, ABS, K, TPU, PA  can be used.
2. German Siemens TP700 color touch screen 7-inch color screen, 800 x 480 resolution, 16 mega pixels. PLC response speed is 0.37μs
3. Different screws and die mandrels, channel styles will be designed based on the specifics of different  plastics;
4, It is convenience to refueling, change color, purge,  disassembly and cleaning with those die head..Symmetry part of the wall thickness is very uniform; Double cylinders may help the die head travel 100mm.
5, Double proportional valve control oil flow and pressure, directional valve control flow way, deceleration valve brakes, achieve smooth and fast action;
6, Clamping mold is achieved with scissor toggle mechanism, mold carriage is with  high-precision ball linear guide, Every part of template bears the similar clamping force, 
7, Extruder platform can be lifted,  easy to adjust the parison length
8, Design is based at  CE safety standard, concerning about user safety;
9, Inverter is from Japan Yaskawa, adjust the screw speed, saving energy ;
10, automatic lubrication system, automatic alarm function, more concerned about the user;
11, Equipped with high temperature alarm function.

Leshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machine

Category  Items  Units   Specifications
  Specifications     Category / Twin stations 4 heads
 Max. Blow Volume L 10
      Material / PE,PP,
No. Of Die Head / 4
 Die Head Distance (center to center) mm 85/100
 Net Weight kg 9500
 Machine Dimension mm,L×H×W 4340X2600X3150(2200)
    Die Head         Die Head Heating Zone / 9
Die Head Heating Power kW 6
Clamping Unit             No. Of Station / 2
Min Clamping Distance of Mould mm 230
 Mould Stroke mm 350
 Clamping Force kN 127
  Extruder Unit         Extruder Diameter mm 75+75
 Extruder Length / Diameter Ratio L/D 24+23
 Extruder Rotating Speed r/min 20-63  +  20-40
 Max Extrusion Capacity kg/h 90/100  + 30
Extruder Motor Power kW 22/30 + 11
Barrel Heating Zone / 3 + 3
Barrel Heating Power kW 12.5/13.5 + 7.2
  Power Unit           Oil Pump Motor Power kW 15
 Hydraulic System Pressure Mpa 14
Pneumatic System Pressure Mpa 0.6-0.8
 Cooling System Pressure Mpa 0.2-0.3
 Air Consumption m³/h 5
 Total Power kW 75.7/84.7
Remarks  Crusher Recommend hp 10
 Chiller Recommend hp 8
  Air Compressor Recommend hp 10
 After Adding Wall Thickness Control  Model / SCJ75-55U+S2X4.10F
 Servo Motor Power kW 5.5
     Total Power kW 81.2/90.2

Leshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machine

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