PE/PP Extrusion Blow Molding Machine


Basic information of the aircraft

Brand: lego

Model: SCJ 65-45-25U2×1.5F

Type: hollow blow molding machine, bottle blowing machine

Property:  1layer with view stripe 

Applicable raw materials: PE,PP

Purpose: box, barrel, tank, hollow plate, tube, box, ball

Number of dies: 2

Number of dies: 1

Screw diameter: 65mm/45mm/25mm

Maximum opening distance: 580 (mm)

Minimum closing distance: 230 (mm)

Whether it contains thick control: yes

After-sales service: the whole machine is guaranteed for a year

Whether to provide processing customization: yes

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1、The U-type extrusion blow molding machine uses the counter-type clamping frame structure and cooperates with the Taiwan famous factory linear guide rail; the movement of the mold base is faster and more stable, and the clamping force is stronger and more uniform;

2、6 blow pins can be realized at the same time perpendicular to the mold blow pin hole;

3、Computer intelligent control system, easy to operate, set up and modify production procedures;

4、The inside of the die head is treated with deep mirror surface, the curve flow path is smooth, no dead angle, no carbon deposit;

5、Strengthening the hardened cold processing screw, the screw barrel is resistant to wear;

6、The Japanese CNC machine tool is used to produce all the components. All the mounting surfaces of the Mazak six-sided machining center are used for one-time processing. The hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical parts of the famous brand are imported to ensure the rigorous process and stable and reliable quality.


Performance characteristics

1、This extrusion blow molding machine is suitable for the production of plastic hollow products of PE, PP, EVA, ABS, K material, TPU, nylon and other materials below 5L;

2、Computer intelligent control system, Chinese and English operation interface;

3、According to the characteristics of different plastics, different screw and die mandrel and runner style can be designed;

4、The die refueling, color change, slagging, disassembly and cleaning are convenient, and the parison control of the tube blank is very uniform;
5、The double proportional valve controls the flow rate and pressure of the oil passage, the reversing valve controls the flow direction, and the brake of the deceleration valve is smooth and quick;

6、The toggle-type clamping structure is designed by the front and back colleagues of the template center to ensure the uniformity of the clamping force;

7、Liftable extrusion platform for easy adjustment of the length of the blank;

8、CE security standard design, focusing on user safety;
9、Japanese inverter adjusts the screw speed to save energy and save energy;
10、Automatic lubrication system, automatic alarm function, pay more attention to user experience.

Leshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machine

Caterory U Series blow molding machine(Linear Guide Way)  
Model SCJ 65-45-25U2×1.5F extrusion blow molding machine  
  Items Units Specification
Specification Category / 2 layers with view stripe
Max. Blow Volume  L 5
Material / PE,PP
Qty.Of Die Head / 1
Die Head Distance (Center to Center)  mm /
Net Weight kg 8500
Machine Dimension mm,L×H×W 4400X2450X3600(2150)
Die Head Die Head Heating Zone / 4
Die Head Heating Power kW 6.8

Carriage system
Qty.Of Station / 2
Min Clamping Distance Of Mold mm 230
Max Clamping Distance Of Mold mm 580
Effective Dimension Of Mold Plate  mm W×H 300×400
Carriage  Stroke (mm) 500
Clamping Force kN 80
Extruder Unit  Extruder Diameter mm 65 45 25
Extruder Length/Diameter Ratio L/D 24 21 22
Extruder Rotating Speed r/min 20-67 20-40 10-25
Max Extrusion Capacity kg/h 60 14 2
Extruder Motor Rated Power kW 15 5.5 2.2
Barrel Heating Zone / 3 3 2
Barrel Heating Power kW 7 4.5 1.7
Cooling Fan Power kW 0.12 0.04 /
Power Unit Oil Pump Motor Rated Power kW 7.5
Hydraulic System Rated Working Pressure Mpa 16
Pneumatic System Rated Working Pressure Mpa 0.8
Cooling System Rated Working  Pressure Mpa 0.4
Universal product air consumption(compressed) m³/h 13
Hot Cutter Power kW 2
Total Installed Power I  kW 52.36
Remarks Hydraulic oil NO. / tank volume L 46#/200
Chiller recommend (air-cooled/water-cooled) hp 10/8
Air compressor recommend (Add gas storage tank) hp 10
Remarks:      All the machines above can be optionally equipped with 100 points parison control system,parameters would be changed as below:
After with 100 points parison control  Model / SCJ 65-45-25U+S2×1.5F blowing machine
Parison Motor Rated Power kW 5.5
Total Installed Power II  kW 57.86
  Effective Dimension Of Mold Plate  (mm)    
1. The heating power of each model is related to the configuration of the die head. Due to the different configuration of the die head, there may be a slight difference in heating power.
2. This parameter list is for reference only, and the actual model parameters may be adjusted.

Leshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machine

1. To facilitate the feeding, the user can choose to increase the hydraulic automatic filter screen device, which can be added to the lower blow, wall thickness controller, automatic incision drawing or automatic deplaning device;

2. Optional pre-sealing cutting knife, transverse cutting knife, imported hot knife, cold cutting knife, etc.

3. Optional diagonal insert, insert pen, insert pen, auxiliary cooler, etc.

4. Optional thickness controller;

5. Optional and equipped with the self-development of lego machinery for permanent magnet brushless dc motor for plastic hollow moulding machines: high reliability, good stability, and comprehensive energy saving 8% to 15%;

6. Optional macromolecular mixing screw: to ensure the performance of products, save 15% to 30% of the raw materials;

7. Optional Austria SIGMATEK control system, which performs 10 times faster than the traditional cycle refresh mode;

8, optional remote service system: automatic fault diagnosis, maintenance records, statistics report, video transmission, remote SMS notification and alarm, etc., used a powerful, clear;

9. Optional air delivery system, conveyor belt, automatic feeding system, 4 integration feeding machine and other supporting functions;

10. Optional die top needle function, mould internal labeling function, online leak detection function, opening and closing function;

11. Optional before and after mobile platform to facilitate mold installation;

12. Optional pre-clamping function, 2-axis servomotor, uniaxial servomotor;

13. The user can select the shunt spindle, screw or row type mould head, continuous extrusion die head and storage mould head.

14. Optional with a large pen blowing function to quickly increase production.

15. Optional robotic manipulator is used to combine the functions of secondary blowing and sizing and blowing and leak detection.

16. Optional boring machine (inside and outside the machine) can meet the requirements of different product sizes to make the product bottle mouth smoother.

Leshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machineLeshan blow molding machine

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